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These devices can eliminate unnecessary trips to the mailbox, and those that use audible and LED alerts also provide an additional home security measure. Because these systems mailbox sensor alert you when the mailbox is opened, you can know immediately if your mail is being tampered with or stolen outside of delivery hours. This allows you respond immediately and avoid identity theft.

Mailbox Alerts: What to Look For

Using a mailbox alert device can help you invest your time more wisely because instead of waiting for your mail to arrive or constantly going to the mailbox to check to see if it has come, you can focus on other tasks and wait for the alert to signal you. There are a few key features you need to look for when choosing this type of mail notification system for your mailbox, including range, alert type and wireless capability.

The range of a mailbox notification system refers to the furthest distance the device and the receiver can be apart, if one is used. When one of these systems uses a receiver mailbox alert , it is located in the home, and the importance of the range will depend on how far away your home is from your mailbox. Choosing a system that fits the range you need will ensure you receive an alert.

Alert Type
These systems use a variety of alerts to notify you when your mail has arrived, including LED lights, buzzers, bells and audible beeps. Some will ring your doorbell as a notification. Those that use flags require manual operation. For some, you will need to put the flag up to alert the mail carrier that outgoing mail is present, and he or she will put the flag down once the outgoing mail is received and replaced with your incoming mail. Other manual systems work differently; the flag used stays down until the mailbox is opened by the mail carrier. Once it is opened, the flag comes up to let you know you have you mail.

Wireless Capability
A wireless mail alert system works by sending a signal from the sensor to the receiver. The sensor is placed on or inside the mailbox, and when the box is opened, a wireless signal from the sensor to the receiver is sent, so you are alerted of the mail’s arrival. Not all devices use wireless technology, however. Mailboxes using flags will not have this capability.

With a mailbox alert, you will know when your mail arrives, so you don’t have to waste time checking for it. Find the right mailbox alert by evaluating your situation and the different features they offer.