sativa weed


Pharmaceutical plants-the most ancient and draw completely not made up in any way a storehouse of medicines and technological material. Since approximately fifty percent of all pharmaceutical brand sativa weed money pharmacists are getting with plants. Memorable and today is the ancient dictum of physicians: “the doctor has 3 guns, a term pellitory and knife.”

Despite the intensive formation in the final period of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the formation of the latest highly effective pharmaceutical substances, medicinal herbs continue to capture a significant role in the stock of healing money. In particular, they are often used in domestic circumstances. Jute with tasteless root and lignified causes of stems 20-50 cm high. Stems are branchy, tetrahedral. The leaves are opposite, lanceolate, almost sitting. Flowers bilabiate, purple, dark blue, rosy or white, according to sit 3-7 in the axils of the highest leaves, creating colonialisme ear, namely, with a single incorrect whorls. Blooms in July-August; results ripen with majestic. Evergreen shrub with very thick, lignified, creeping, rooting in areas stems up to 70-80 cm in length. The new leaves, leathery with twisted bottom edges over dark green, shining down grey, 5-15 mm long. Flowers in long (15-45 mm) pedicels, Nicosia, single or clusters according to 2-6 in an umbel inflorescence, located at the edges of last year’s branches. Delicate, threadlike pedicels from the axils of the leaves scale-like leaflets chetyrehrogaja Bowl with convex, ciliate sepals. Stamens 8, filaments densely hairy. Anthers in the absence of appendages in the ligament. The column of direct, put up with the Corolla. The result is a rich chetyrehchastnaya dark-red globular berry or a bit long-oval shape, taste sour. Blooms in may-June, the results ripen at the end of the majestic or in September.